How to Order

There are THREE easy ways to order food using the Dial-a-Meal™ service: Phone, Internet, and Mobile App (Android).
#1 – Ordering by Phone: If you know the Restaurant and the dishes you are looking to order OR you could look at the list of Restaurants listed with us and their menu online. Once you have decided what you want, simply call our numbers (902 802 8888 or 020-66 47 20 20) and place your order.

#2 – Ordering Online: Select the location you are looking to order from.

Go to Restaurants Tab (on the top of the page) to get the list of from Restaurants that you can choose from, or SEARCH for a Restaurant, Cuisine, Dish or Area name.

Select the Restaurant or the Search Result and choose the items that you would like to order.

#3 – Mobile Application: Select the location you are looking to order from.

Use the ‘Place Order’ option… and select from the List of Restaurants or Your Favourite Restaurants or from Restaurants of your Recent Orders

In both cases (#2 and #3) –
  • You would need to Register, so that we know what address to deliver to and call you, in case of any contingency.
  • On selecting any of the restaurants, choosing the items from the Menu and clicking Submit, it will be prompted for your username and password (that you received during Registration).
  • You will also get the option of delivering to an address other than the one you registered with.
  • Now… what’s more – you also have the flexibility of multiple Payment Options to choose from!